UIA Diamond Hoodie (White)
UIA Diamond Hoodie (White)

UIA Diamond Hoodie (White)

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What goes into our UIA Diamond design? The Arabic words "shukr" and "sabr" which translate directly to "gratefulness" and "patience". This luxurious design on our super soft hoodie is sure to be a head turner!

Why choose us?

Reason one

100 percent of all our "Keffiyeh" products are donated to Palestine and 10 percent from all other designs are donated to the Multidome Relief Centre. The Multidome Relief Centre is an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. There are currently no service fees at Multidome and that means every dollar goes directly to the children!

Reason two

All of our products were sourced via fair trade! This means there was no "sweatshop" involved and any labourers employed for production were paid their fair wages!