About Multi Dome Relief Centre

        The Multi Dome Relief Centre Is family owned and located in the city of Dodoma Tanzania. Currently there are 25 acres of land that make up the relief centre. The goal is to build multiple stations for people in need. There is currently only one station built on the land that houses orphans. When built, other stations will include housing for the elderly and victims of domestic violence. With your help this goal can be reached much quicker. We will also be dividing and sending a portion of the funds to the Fadhillah Orphanage Centre which is also in Tanzania. It currently houses 199 orphaned children. It is also privately owned. Feel free to follow them on Instagram at @foc.global. Please note that at this time these institutions do not have any admin fees as everything is done on a voluntary basis. This means that 100% of funds will be used for those in need.