About Us

         Just like you, we have been raised in an era of islamophobia which has lead many young muslims into an identity crisis. Often times the urban culture in which we were raised in is in direct contrast to an “islamic” culture. Young people are forced to chose between what they know and love about their religion and what they know and love about the culture outside of their home.  Our mission here at UIA is to blend the two together! We are proud of our islamic identity and proud of our  identity as millennials. We want to show our love for both our urban environment and our islamic one. This is precisely what influenced us to make a street fashion brand inspired by Islamic teachings! When it comes to islamophobia we are steady combating these claims not with lengthy discussions but with simple acts of kindness. This is why we are proud to proclaim that 10 percent of all sales will be donated to orphanages in Tanzania. Some might wrongfully accuse our faith of practising  terrorism, but we know the fundamental teachings of our religion are to be generous and kind and to spend from our own wealth on those less fortunate. The purchasing of any of our products will go to a child's food, shelter, water, and school fees. The moment you join UIA you join your very own family who strives to help our own people. We know we are not divided by colour and language but by the piety of the souls. On behalf of the UIA staff we would like to thank you for "wearing your heart on your sleeve" and choosing to be a hero!